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Videos how-to

Check the below video on how to introduce folders and products from Ebay. After the successful import merge their structure into your store:



NewDev Ebay Importer comes with two modules - one for the admin and one for the frontend.

NewDev Ebay Importer uses the Ebay API to access and retrieve products information and folders structure from Ebay.



Just copy the NewDev Ebay importer files on your server where your Opencart store resides. Here you can find a brief tutorial for installing a third party extensions on Opencart.


Here you can find a tutorial on how to install vQmod



This is the place where the NewDev Ebay is checking for updates. If you own an outdated version, you will get a link to download and install the latest version.

Manage Categories

This is the main section where you can import folder structure and its products and also merge category structure into your store. Note that both merging products and categories is only in the default store.

You can add manually or edit a category. Description, title and meta data are populated on all languages of the store. Integration the Google translation API is under construction.

Get from Ebay
Takes values from the "Import from Ebay" form. The URL can be of the type or we can use a store URL
You can narrow the results by using the keyword field and filter fields below it. If you enter only values in keyword it will search in whole Ebay site.
Filters are Ebay keys that will help narrowing the search. Full list of possible filters is visible here.
After pressing the button the data will be available in chunks of 50 products. You can see them in a paging style - check the image below. The folder structure is visible on the left pane and the imported products are available on the Manage Products section.
The pages will be available till your Opencart session. If a category exists, it will be overwritten by the new ones.

Merge in Store
Merge the current category in the Opencart store

Merge All in Store
Merge all categories in the Opencart store

Clear Form
Clears the pagination and form.

Manage Products

This is the main section where you can import a single product and merge everything into your store. Note that this merging the products and categories only in the default store.

Deletes the selected products.

Merge to Categories
Selecting Ebay Default will merge the selected or all products to Ebay categories, or you can choose any other of the store categories.

Merge in Store
Merge the current product in the Opencart store

Merge All in Store
Merge all categories in the Opencart store

Add product

From this section you can add manually or from Ebay a single product, using it Ebay URL and edit it data

General Settings

This section shows the options for cropping different type of images.

General Settings. SEO Data

If you plan not to merge the data in your store and to use the importer frontend, here is the SEO URL to access it. Have in mind that in order this to work, you should disable Opencart SEO by comment $controller->addPreAction(new Action('common/seo_url')); in index.php file and then add this in next line: $controller->addPreAction(new Action('ndebay/seo'));

General Settings. Ebay Data

- App ID. Get your AppID as described here

- Global ID. This defines which Ebay you need to access. Default is UK. Click here to view list of all stores

- Items per page. Set the number of extracted items from Ebay per page.

- Show Detailed (with HTML) or Simple Description. If this option is checked the description of the product will keep HTML, formatting and styling as set in Ebay product page. Default is off.

- Save a local image copy? If this is checked, product images will be downloaded in your store when you start the merge procedure. Otherwise they are accessed via a link from the Ebay. Have in mind that in the default opencart store there is a check if a local file exists, before showing an image. So you need either to move out the check, or check this option. The products in the importer section and accessed via a link from Ebay.

- Product is enabled after merge? If this option is checked the merged product will be Enabled. Default is off.

- Import large image files (800x800)? If this option is checked the images from Ebay will be imported with 800x800 resolution and not with the default 400x400 one.