Demo Page

This is a demo page, where you can see how LiveSmart Video Chat with enabled recording and chat with password protected form works.
1. Open this agent link;
You should see something like this:
2. Copy this client link and send it to as many users as you need to be the conference. You may also click on the button to open a new window for live video session;
The password is set to 123;
3. You may start the call by clicking on video or audio button from any of the sides.
Recording feature is available for Chrome or Firefox browser and from the admin side. When the call is established, you can click on the Recording icon to start record the meeting. Once you stop the recording, a preview link is available.

Please note that you have to allow your browser to access camera and/or microphone in order the video chat to work.
If you see "Waiting for the other party to join" label, make sure both links are opened.

If you need assistance or facing problems with the demo, please do not hesitate to contact me at