What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a free and open source project that enables web browsers and mobile devices to provide simple realtime communication. This means that app features like peer-to-peer video conferencing can easily be integrated into a web page. A browser-based video chat can be engineered rapidly with HTML and JavaScript.

What do I need to do to run LiveSmart Video Chat?

You need a web server with a) installed Node.js or b) installed PHP at least 5.4. After that follow the install instructions from here.

What is the best server configuration for LiveSmart?

You can set it in any Linux or Windows server, though you need:
- SSL enabled;
- Root access;
- Access to the certificates and keys;
- Please note that most probably shared hosting will not fit your need. Use VPS or dedicated hosting.

How many visitors at once can I have?

You can have unlimited 1:1 video sessions. If you are planning multi user conference calls, it depends on your bandwidth and server. The maximum users I have tried in one video session was 10. If you are trying the broadcast features, viewers can be also unlimited number.

I don't see the button?

Make sure the backend is properly installed and that the port for WSS is the same as in the /config/config.ini file. Check the code snippet that you added to the site has data-source_path correctly added and that <div id="nd-widget-container" class="nd-widget-container"></div> is present in your HTML.

I have set everything correctly, but when I open agent page, it gives WSS error

Probably the port is closed. Check with the management console of your server to open the WSS port

I got error...

PermissionDeniedError or Could not connect stream
The errors are most common if your browser has no access to web camera or microphone
- Make sure you are using SSL;
- Make sure you have granted permissions to microphone and camera;
- If you are using Firefox or Safari, make sure there is no other app that is accessing your camera or microphone;

I have some additional questions, requirements or something is not working for me?

Please send email to info@new-dev.com with a description of the issue, together with a detailed info about the system you are using: backend, browser, OS.