Killer Papers Pricing & Promo Code?

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We wrote a message to Killer Papers asking for contact information.

We wrote a message to Killer Papers asking for contact information. Although he would prefer to keep the price low, Killer Papers' owner had this to say:


KP's honest response to the industry was what we loved about it. KP seems to take great pride in what they do. They are transparent and they win points.


We'll be looking at average prices for Killer Papers in this part of our Killer Papers Review. Killer Papers (, is one of our most expensive sites. We didn't get any offers below $24 per page for the three orders that we submitted. Their site explains that the high prices are due to the fact that they have USA writers, which can be more expensive than foreign writers. This makes perfect sense, considering that labor costs in the USA are more expensive than those in countries like Ukraine and Kenya. This site is a great place to find the best. Your project will be written by someone who sounds American, which will make it easier to submit.


Let's get to the point: Does Killer Papers deliver as high quality as they claim?

The answer is YES. Although the cost is higher than usual, I am confident that any of the papers we bought would be scored at least 90% at a U.S. university or college.


Killer Papers also has a YouTube channel where they upload clips, videos, and even a podcast. It is nice to hear from the owner of the company. This gives us greater confidence when we are considering buying KillerPapers.


You'll notice that the header is correct, that the language is native-English, and that the overall quality of the site is excellent. The sources are correct, which is half the battle. Many sites that we review don’t provide proper works cited and in-text citations. This can quickly take a paper from an A-level to an F-level.

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